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28-01-2015 Two new sensory rooms appeared in orphanages of Taldykorgan and Shchuchinsk

In the orphanages of Taldykorgan and Shchuchinsk towns a symbolic ceremony of commissioning...

In the orphanages of Taldykorgan and Shchuchinsk towns a symbolic ceremony of commissioning of sensory rooms held. This became possible thanks to the funds collected during the races organized by the British-Kazakh society. Races were held in three cities - Astana, Almaty and London. All funds raised during the races for the third consecutive year directed to projects of the "AYALA" charity foundation. In previous years, the money collected for the "Breathe, baby" project to equip children's resuscitation departments of regional perinatal centers.  During BKS races in 2014 it was decided to send raised funds to implement the "Room - Doctor" project in orphanages of Taldykorgan and Shchuchinsk. According to the "Room - Doctor" project of the "AYALA" charity foundation, orphanages, children's sanatoriums and correctional nursery kindergartens equipped with a large number of sensory rooms. In 2014 during the charity BKS races 2 739 090 tenge were collected. It is need 5 640 850 tenge for the construction of two sensory rooms. Sponsors and partners of the project were the National Bank of Kazakhstan, the British-Kazakh Society, the Kamkor Management company, as well as a large number of individuals who took part in the charity BKS races.

In the orphanages live, educated and treated children from birth to 4 years old, who were left without parental warmth. Many pupils - disabled since childhood. Sensory rooms are very important for treatment and rehabilitation of children with disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system, mental and motor disorders, and many other pathological conditions. Equipment installed in the sensory room affects all human senses, thus contributing to the restoration of violated and the formation of new intercellular connections in the brain and spinal cord.

Executive Director of the British-Kazakh Society Gauhar Bramley-Fenton said: "We are very interested in working with the "AYALA" charity foundation because its projects for many years prove its effectiveness, and financial instruments of the foundation are absolutely transparent. During the three years of our cooperation, in my opinion, we have formed a great team".

Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "National Bank of Kazakhstan" Stanislav KOSOBOKOV said: "The attention to social projects aimed at improving the health of children has always been a priority of sponsorship and charity policy of the National Bank. Good help in this matter has been our long-standing partnership with the "AYALA" charity foundation. The Bank provides sponsorship to the "AYALA" charity foundation in support of health care and equipping health institutions with modern equipment. In total, on the implementation of the projects of the "AYALA" charity foundation the Bank was directed 79 million tenge".

Chief physician of the Taldykorgan orphanage Gulnara Sagatbekovna KERTAEVA said: "When the sensory room was equipped, then after a couple of days I heard somebody’s cry from their.  I went to see why children are crying in the sensory room, and it turned out that they do not want to go out, so they all like it very much. On behalf of our children and staff I express my deep gratitude to all the people who raised money during the charity run. I know that in Almaty and Astana the charity has developed enough. It is nice to know that the residents of these cities and our friends from London raised money for our orphanage. Rehabilitation in the sensory room, in my opinion, improves the condition of children and increases their chance of finding a real family".

"I want to thank our loyal partners - the National Bank of Kazakhstan, the Kamkor Management company, the British-Kazakh Society, as well as all athletes and fans, running any distance in the charity BKS races, for participating in our projects. I hope that local media will place the information on the completion of our project, and it will contribute to the development of philanthropy in the country", - said the vice-president of the "AYALA" charity foundation Zhangeldy SARSENOV.

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