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12-11-2019 Competition for the best vine started in Almaty

A competition for the best vine among senior pupils of boarding schools and orphanages has...

A competition for the best vine among senior pupils of boarding schools and orphanages has started in Almaty. The goal of the project is to engage teenagers from socially vulnerable sectors of society in creating entertaining video content for social networks and to help them in revealing the talents of future viners, actors, directors, and screenwriters. The project is being implemented by AYALA Charity Foundation with intellectual and creative support from Pazl and TJokers popular vine groups, as well as the organizers of 48Hours Central Asian short film competition.

The competition includes four stages: selection, training, filming vines and the finals. The main prize is SAMSUNG smartphones for the winning team.

The selection of project participants began in October. For several weeks, representatives of AYALA Charity Foundation have been making presentations for high school students at three boarding schools (No. 10, 15 and 17) and two orphanages – the city and the regional ones. To become a contestant, children had to show their creative and acting skills, shoot a short video and send it to the organizers of the contest before the fixed time. Out of more than a hundred teenagers, 39 people completed this task. Now they will have a series of workshops on the basics of directing, acting, filming and editing videos on smartphones with a famous online director and screenwriter Erden Telemisov, a popular theater and film actor Askar Ilyasov and a travel blogger Hanzat Kenes.

The second stage of the project started on November 12. A popular Youtube team Pazl and TJokers vine team came to SmartPoint to learn about the contestants, to inspire and help them in developing ideas for the future vines for the contest. They shared their success stories and introduced the kids to life hacks to create cool video stories. They also distributed 7 groups of the contestants among themselves to guide their creative process. In total, there will be four master classes at the second stage. Then the third stage of shooting vines will start, which will last 2 weeks. Within this time, each team must shoot at least one video lasting up to one minute on the New Year's theme and provide it to the organizers until December 18.

The finals of the competition will be on December 25, 2019. The children will be able to watch their vines on the big screen of a cinema theatre. The best team will receive super prizes from SAMSUNG - smartphones. In addition, a professional jury will determine the winners in 10 different nominations, including male and female roles, script and even special effects.

The most talented participants will get the opportunity to take part in the future filming of video content with Pazl and TJokers.

AYALA Charity Foundation is implementing the competition of vines among senior students of boarding schools and orphanages as part of the Career Guidance project. Its goal is to help children from orphanages and boarding schools in their social adaptation.

AYALA Foundation has been implementing the Career Guidance project for 6 years. Over this time, 5 courses were held, 17 special workshops on carpentry and sewing were opened, dozens of wonderful and caring people were involved as teachers and participants in this project, and thousands of children from different cities of Kazakhstan were trained.


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