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18-10-2019 Qaganat brand chef teaches 30 teens to cook deliciously

Qaganat the chain of canteens with delicious and affordable food, supported the project of...

Qaganat the chain of canteens with delicious and affordable food, supported the project of the AYALA foundation for career guidance for adolescents.

Brand chef Marat Galeev will conduct 8 master classes for students from 9-11 classes from Almaty regional orphanage No. 1 and Almaty regional boarding school No. 15. Classes are held in the format of a culinary master class. Within 2.5 hours, children under the guidance of Marat Galeev prepare dishes that they want to try or learn how to cook.

At two master classes they, along with the brand chef, prepared three salads, cooked a delicious hodgepodge, fried chicken steaks, baked chicken and three types of pizza - “Pepperoni”, “Mushroom” and "Calzone". We also learned how to make a delicious dessert - homemade “Bird's milk”. Ahead are 5 more lessons and mastering the tricks of cooking a variety of favorite dishes and desserts.

AYALA found in the project “Career Guidance” helps children from orphanages and boarding schools in their social adaptation. “We want the children from these educational institutions after graduation to have useful practical skills that will help them live, continue to study and develop, but the main thing is to find a job. We are pleased that Qaganat supports us in this”, said Aidan Suleimenova, president of AYALA charity found.

A series of culinary workshops was opened by a motivational presentation from Qaganat. During this presentation the pupils of the orphanage and boarding school learned about the principles and values of the company. And they also learned how to build a career in this company, as they say, from scratch. Assel Nabieva, Qaganat marketer, shared the success stories of their colleagues, who, starting from the position of dishwasher, cook and kitchen worker, thanks to hard work and determination, became top managers in the company.


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