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20-09-2014 Charitable BKS semi-marathon in support of the “room-doctor” project

Today the sixth race organized by the British-Kazakh Society (BKS) with the support of Astana...

Today the sixth race organized by the British-Kazakh Society (BKS) with the support of Astana akimat launched in the capital of Kazakhstan. Firstly, races were held at shorter distances, the last three years the distance became semi-marathon.  In plans of the ideological mastermind of the BKS charitable races Gauhar Bramley-Fenton with time make marathon distance and withdraw Astana marathon on par with Boston, Tokyo, Berlin and other super popular contests of runners. All participants of the races agreed to contribute 6 000 tenge for the “Room-doctor” project of our foundation. Under this project it is planned to equip with the sensory room the orphanages in Shchuchinsk and Taldykorgan towns.  Children from birth to 4 years old are in the orphanages. The main activity of the orphanage is the education and providing medical care for children left without parental care and orphans. Most children have defects of mental and physical development. Because of the inability of kids in the first years of life by their own relieves emotional stress, mental excitement and physical exhaustion, there is a need to open sensory rooms.  An atmosphere of peace will be created in such rooms. There will be plays for individual lessons, the opportunity to have a rest from each other are given to children.  The total amount required to equip sensory rooms in two orphanages is 5 640 850 tenge.

Sponsors of the charity BKS semi-marathon in Astana were “Air Astana” airline, KIOGE and ENRC companies. Partners of the semi-marathon: World Class fitness center, Radisson SAS hotel, Confederation of combat and power sports, ALBI Group, Asu water and Bravo Media Group. General information sponsor – Muzzone TV channel, NE.FM radio.

Gloomy, cold and windy morning disquieted organizers in attendance of athletes, but just 20 minutes before the scheduled start time clouds dissipated and it became considerably warmer. There were more participants on the line, mood of all risen. Kazakhstan famous athletes, representing the Confederation of combat and power sports signed autographs and took pictures with the athletes and spectators. Serik Sapiev, Tatyana Amanzhol, Ruslan Abdyrazakov, Gulnafiz Aytmuhambetova, Vladimir Sedov Alexander Zaichikov came to support participants of the semi - marathon.

74 people came out at the start of the race. Exactly at 11:00 runners set off at a distance. It was necessary to run 4 laps around 5 km away, and the most persistent 1 km other of 97.5 m on a small circle. Bolat Zhamishev, who currently heads the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, as always, was among the runners.  Many of his colleagues also participated in the race.

After the finish of the most stubborn of the athletes there was a colorful winner awarding ceremony. The fair sex first went up on the podium. Third place was taken by Marie Garcia, on the second step of the podium went up Shelley Landin, and the gold finalist among girls became a Frenchwoman Pauline de La Marnier.

Representatives of the stronger sex shared rewards like this: Tristan Seretta - third place, silver won 54 years old Baizak Talapnur, who was the oldest participant in the race, and the winner was Eugene Medvednikov, who comes first the second year in a row.

The youngest participant in the semi-marathon was a 6-years old Isatay Zhumaev, run 5 km in 44 minutes 48 seconds. Isatay is a son of Maksut Zhumaev, known Kazakhstan climber, who together with his son took part in a charity BKS semi - marathon.

BKS semi-marathon in Astana has collected 1 771 000 tenge. There are still BKS race for 10 km in Almaty, which will be held on 27 of September and BKS race for 10 km in London, scheduled for 19 of October. The semi - marathon organizers are hoping that next year runners will become even more because in our country the cult of healthy lifestyles is gradually beginning to emerge, especially among young people, and it cannot but rejoice.

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