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29-05-2014 The "AYALA" charity foundation makes a gift to an orphanage #2

Today an opening ceremony of another children's playground, which the"AYALA" charity...

Today an opening ceremony of another children's playground, which the"AYALA" charity foundation built under the "Yard of my childhood" project held on the territory of the orphanage #2. This is the 22nd playground, which was built by the "AYALA" foundation. Such playgrounds decorate territories of children's medical and educational institutions in Almaty, Astana, Semey, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Taldykorgan Temirtau, Petropavlovsk and Atyrau cities. Partners of this project at different times were “Air Astana” airline,  MAC Company, Chevron, LLP "Asian Gas Pipeline", Sberbank, a chain of “Mamamia” restaurants, Ciao Pizza, chain of "Kaganat" canteens and Deluxe magazine.

Money to build a playground in the orphanage #2 was collected at the opening of Prada boutique in Almaty during a charity auction. Cost of the playground is 4 330 703 tenge. Besides newly installed playground elements, fully renovated garden fence on the territory of the orphanage.

In the orphanage #2 68 children are located, 40 of them - disabled since birth, 13 kids with Down's syndrome.  Playgrounds which “AYALA” foundation builds in children's hospitals, boarding schools, and orphanages are distinguished by their reliability, safety and contribute to the physical development of children. These playgrounds set up KSIL Company that provides to the "AYALA" foundation a discount as to a charitable organization. Therefore, potential sponsors of the foundation get more elements of playgrounds on their charitable budget. Experience of implementation of this project shows, that playgrounds are not only an ornament of the territory, but also a favorite place for games of pupils from institutions and all the children from the neighborhood.

Chief physician of the orphanage #2 Latipa HASANOVA said: “We are very pleased to work with the “AYALA” charity foundation. This is the second playground that we received under the "Yard of my childhood" project. Now in our orphanage playgrounds meet all safety requirements. We have not got clumsy and faded elements, inherited from the distant past. Employees of the "AYALA" foundation once again proved their competence and professionalism in implementing of charitable projects".

“The “Yard of my childhood” project is very bright. We wish that our initiative will be supported by the good people in different cities of Kazakhstan.  It is sad that most of the boarding schools areas, located outside of Almaty, is often a vacant lot on which are only two football goal frame, welded from pipes. Children particularly have no interest in walking outdoors because they have little to do on the street. If the “Yard of my childhood” project will support journalists, I believe that the situation with the children's leisure will move forward," - said vice-president of the "AYALA" charity foundation Zhangeldy SARSENOV.

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