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15-08-2013 "Air Astana" airline have established a playground in the orphanage #2 in Almaty

Today, in the orphanage № 2 a new colorful children's playground solemnly opened. 

Today, in the orphanage № 2 a new colorful children's playground solemnly opened. It became possible thanks to the implementation of the "AYALA" charity foundation’s "Yard of my childhood" project. General sponsor of this part of the project was Kazakhstan's national "Air Astana" airline. The cost of the playground was 1,609,048 tenge.

In the orphanage № 2 68 children are living, 40 of them - disabled since birth, 13 children with Down's syndrome.  Children can be adopted, but health problems make it unlikely. We would like to note, that the amount of orphanages in Almaty becomes less. A couple of years ago one orphanage in the Almaty was closed. Children gathered in the remaining two, because the number of tiny patients is significantly decreased.

"Air Astana" airline for several years is working with the "AYALA" charity foundation and the result of this cooperation is the playgrounds in different parts of Kazakhstan - a boarding school for children from low-income families in Ust-Kamenogorsk and Semipalatinsk, as well as a boarding school for the deaf and hard of hearing children in Shymkent. In early September, the "Air Astana” airline and the "AYALA" charity foundation during the implementation of the "Yard of my childhood" project will build a colorful children's playgrounds on the territories of boarding schools, located in the Atyrau and Taldykorgan cities.

In addition, the Air Astana airline and the "AYALA" charity foundation together helped premature patients of many regional prenatal centers within the framework of the "Breathe, baby" project. The airline also participated in the "I also want to live" project for the development of pediatric cardiac surgery in Kazakhstan.

From the words of the head physician of the orphanage № 2 Latipa Kamzaevna Hasanova: “Help of charity organizations and their partners significantly improves life, interior and level of care to children who, for various reasons became our wards. All health care workers and teachers are grateful to those who care to help our children".

“The national airline from the first days of its operation pays special attention to philanthropy. Airline constantly supporting orphanages and boarding schools, conducts various activities for orphans and children with disabilities. It should be noted that projects are successfully carried out in different regions of the country. Today we are here to give our children a holiday, and wish them to be kind and healthy", - says Tormysheva Belal, a vice-president of "Air Astana" JSC.

Zhangeldy Sarsenov, a vice-president of the "AYALA" charity foundation, said: "The active cooperation of the "Air Astana" with charity organizations proves the high moral quality of management and staff, as well as the social orientation of the largest air carrier of Kazakhstan".

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