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19-05-2013 Wedding industry in the service of good

Our foundation has several projects, which and for us quietly acquired a republican character.

Our foundation has several projects, which and for us quietly acquired a republican character. In this case, we are very pleased that the main mission of the "AYALA" foundation beginning to realized. This mission is education of the tradition of philanthropy in our country. Many of the ideas meet understanding and support from concerned people in different parts of Kazakhstan.

And on the 19th of May young people living in Petropavlovsk held a charity evening in favor of the "House of my hope". Asem Kasymova, head of the wedding house "Aru", her colleagues and friends have decided to celebrate the anniversary of their business with not just a celebratory event, but to gather during the celebration money for a charity project.

The "House of my hope" aims to help the children's social and health institutions. The beneficiary of the project in the Petropavlovsk city is a specialized orphanage. In this orphanage from 66 children only 5 are completely healthy. Under this project is planned to raise money for the purchase of equipment in physiotherapy room. Physiotherapeutic procedures at the pathology of the central and peripheral nervous systems are very effective tool. The conducting of such therapeutic measures significantly improves the health of children, and thus increases the chances of adoption.

The evening, devoted to the first anniversary of the "Aru" wedding salon, completely free of charge was attended by artists, models, stylists, photographers, and what mostly pleased, young artists from a Petropavlovsk art lyceum. In total, the event was attended by over than 100 people. During the children's charity auction of paintings and in a box for fundraising had been collected 394,700 tenge. This money will form the basis of the "House of my hope" project, Petropavlovsk city. Totally for this good deed it is necessary to collect 1,459,790 tenge. We wish that this initiative will support not only residents of the Northern Kazakhstan, but also good people from other regions of our vast country.

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