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02-04-2013 Project "Room - Doctor" of the "AYALA" charity foundation

Today, a ceremony of a sensory room opening hostedin the child care centre #1.

Today, a ceremony of a sensory room opening hostedin the child care centre #1. It is a specially organized space in which engaged almost all senses of children. Lights, music, nature sounds, pictures projected on the wall, smells and tactile sensations help to relax in spastic conditions, as well as appearing of new motor functions.

Sensory room, which staff of children’s medical institutions is called "Room - Doctor" will help in the rehabilitation of tiny patients.  Most of the patients in the orphanages are suffering from various diseases in which a relaxation in the sensory room is needed.

The “AYALA” charity foundation in partnership with commercial companies, public organizations and donations from individuals equipped sensory rooms in a children's sanatorium № 2, in the orphanage № 2 and in the republican "Aksai" hospital. Doctors and parents have noticed a significant improvement of condition of children with neurological disorders, including cerebral palsy.

At present, in the child care centre #1 live, treat and raise 38 children, 13 of them - children with disabilities. 11 children can not be adopted for various reasons.

When the children entered the sensory room, their amazement knew no bounds. Opened their mouths, they examined all the equipment installed in it. Two Olegs, Asylbek and Antoshka played out on a soft surface, and then one of the Oleg not moving away from the transparent tube, in which colored bubbles and toy fishes were playing. When the time of leaving the room came the children just balked, because they did not want this, and Asylbek just cried.

The sensory room has been equipped during the implementation of the project "Room - Doctor". It became possible thanks to the participation of Alia Isahmetova, "AYALA" foundation and the company «LCB Partners». A representative of this company Ainura Mustafina personally took part in the repair of the area of the future sensory room.

Cost of the project amounted is 1 176 800 tenge.

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