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31-07-2012 "AYALA" and the company BeSmart rendered assistance to the orphanage #2

The ceremony of handing the necessary equipment to the cabinet of exercise therapy...

The ceremony of handing the necessary equipment to the cabinet of exercise therapy and the opening of the children’s playground, organized by the charity foundation "AYALA" and the company “BeSmart” has been held in the orphanage №2 today.

Nowadays 62 children aged from birth till 5 years are living and being educated in the orphanage №2. Most of these children suffer from various diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, congenital malformations. Some children have parents and are staying in the care of the orphanage temporarily, because of the material and the housing problems of the biological parents.

Exercise therapy is one of the most important methods for children development, since physical activity contributes to the development of interneuron connections in the CNS. This, in turn helps to mental and emotional development of pupils.

Charity foundation "AYALA" under the framework of the project "Medical gym" has equipped clinics, health centers, rehabilitation center with modern exercise devices and the necessary equipment.

The company BeSmart has had great help, which provides discounts at different fields, has greatly helped in the implementation of the current project. Participants of the project have become the “BeSmart” Company’s customers, who remit their contributions through the Internet resource of the company. In 2 weeks fundraising campaign has collected 395 232 KZT to equip the cabinet of exercise therapy. 

In addition to this, “BeSmart” company in a social network Facebook has collected 3000 Likes and on its behalf remitted to the charity foundation "AYALA" 300 000 KZT for the construction of  children's playground,.

The chief physician of the orphanage №2, Latipa Kamzaevna Hasanova said: "Help of charity organisations and their partners significantly improves the daily life, the interior and the level of medical care for children, who have become our wards for various reasons. All health care workers and teachers thank those who help and care for our children."

Zhangeldy Sarsenov, a Vice-President of the charity foundation "AYALA", in his turn, said: "Unfortunately, in our country we still have orphanages. But while working in the field of charity, many times I have been convinced that the staff of the health care and education institutions is absolutely devoted to their work. And once again I want to "take off my hat in front of these women."

Azamat Rakhmanberdiev, a Chief Executive Officer of “BeSmart” Company, which participates in the charity projects of the "AYALA" foundation not for the first time, said: "Children and charity are essential part of our consciousness. “BeSmart”, as the most outstanding representative of e-commerce in Kazakhstan, can use its resources to raise money for charity. In the future we plan to continue helping children."

After hearing about the joint charity campaign of "AYALA" foundation and the company “BeSmart”, company «Heliophil» expressed its willingness to join the good deeds. Today, at the ceremony, a representative of “Heliophil”, Zhanara Sambetova has established the original lamps for lawn, made in the form of tulips in the orphanage.

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