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10-07-2015 Social project of the "Chevron" company and the "AYALA" foundation in Astana

Certificates to receive the latest medical and innovative equipment were awarded to the heads...

Certificates to receive the latest medical and innovative equipment were awarded to the heads of ten children's medical, educational and social institutions in Astana during a solemn ceremony, held at the city children's hospital № 2. This ceremony is part of the annual charity event, implemented by the "Chevron" company and the private "AYALA" charity foundation.

“Support of local health care institutions and programs that inculcate a healthy lifestyle, is a part of social investments of the "Chevron" company all over the world, and particularly in Kazakhstan”, - says the company representative Leila Aytmuhanova. “In addition to the purchasing of vital medical and correctional equipment for health care institutions, we train local specialists the latest achievements of medicine, creating the conditions for the exchange of experience between specialists”. 

Vice President of public affairs of the "AYALA" charity foundation Zhangeldy Sarsenov said: “The example of the leaders of the oil and gas sector, in my view, has to show the opportunities to work in the charitable sector to all the representatives of the business. The "Chevron" company shows that charity - is the norm for any socially responsible company. The "AYALA" charity foundation is proud of its long-term and productive cooperation with the "Chevron" company. We believe that in the future we together will do a lot for our country”.

As part of a social project in 2015, the "Chevron" company in conjunction with the "AYALA" foundation acquired resuscitation table, 4 syringe dispenser, phototherapy apparatus, and patient monitor with neonatal sensors for perinatal center № 3.

In the city children's hospital № 1 5 oxygen concentrators, 4 infusion stations, 2 infusion dispensers, as well as equipment and furniture for 2 playrooms were installed. City children's hospital № 2 received from the "Chevron" company "Relax" sensory room for children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system and delayed speech development. Three syringe dispensers, two monitors and four electric pumps were transferred to the resuscitation department of the City children's infectious hospital.

“Altyn Besik” nursery kindergarten №23 for children with visual impairments within the project received a sensory room and medical equipment to the cabinet of an ophthalmologist - an ophthalmoscope and an LCD table for testing visual acuity. Modern “Delfa” computer speech therapy simulators were installed in the cabinet of speech therapist of the “Alem” nursery kindergarten № 22. “Asyl Bobek” nursery kindergarten № 64 for children with impaired musculoskeletal received special equipment for therapeutic exercise cabinet - sensory trail for feet and massage mats in each group. Informatics cabinet of special boarding school for children with intellectual disabilities fully equipped. A large number of new furniture, modern computers, multifunction devices and the interactive whiteboard were transferred to the informatics cabinet.

To improve the treatment, children neuropsychiatric medical and social institution received a large amount of medical equipment for physiotherapy and the auditorium was equipped with modern musical devices. The equipment for a pottery workshop was valuable and welcome gift for public association of disabled persons "Independent living "DOS" center. Now members of the organization have a new way of creative self-expression.

The "Chevron" company from the first days of work in the Republic of Kazakhstan has consistently supported health, education and social institutions of our country. For several years, the "Chevron" company has successfully cooperated with the "AYALA" foundation, known for its large-scale charity projects in Kazakhstan. The "AYALA" charity foundation has proved itself as a reliable partner. Activity of the foundation is transparent and proven its effectiveness for over eight years of work. The main direction of the foundation is to support children's health and educational institutions - hospitals, clinics, maternity hospitals, sanatoriums, rehabilitation centers, orphanages, boarding schools and kindergartens.

The foundation's mission is education of tradition and culture of philanthropy in Kazakhstan. 

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