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06-02-2015 New household appliances in the “Aksay” republican children's hospital

A ceremony of transfer of household appliances from the Samsung Electronics company held in...

A ceremony of transfer of household appliances from the Samsung Electronics company held in the “Aksai” republican children's hospital. This event became possible thanks to the “AYALA + SAMSUNG” project. Under this project, the "AYALA" charity foundation carries out activities to improve the life and leisure of patients of children's hospitals, sanatoriums, orphanages, boarding schools and a variety of other social institutions. With the help of modern Samsung appliances a room of social and domestic orientation in a specialized “Zhanuya” complex was equipped. A kitchen for parents of children with hematological diagnoses undergoing rehabilitation at the republican children's "Alatau" sanatorium was equipped. Samsung has also passed household appliances to children's hospitals, boarding schools, orphanages, special kindergartens and children's sanatoriums in Almaty city.

Administration of the "Aksai" hospital appealed to the "AYALA" charity foundation to ask for help in equipping with appliances gaming rooms, a dining room, a pharmacy and other areas of the hospital. The Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia company has responded to this request and provided for hospitals 3 air conditioners, 5 vacuum cleaners, refrigerator and 3 microwaves.

«Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia» implements social projects in health, education, protection of the environment in Kazakhstan. Over the past few years in collaboration with the "AYALA" foundation, our company supports children's health care and educational institutions. We hope that those improvements of life conditions, which we implement in force, will help children to improve their health and return home", - said the President of Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia Kim Yunsu.

Director of the “Aksai” republican children's hospital Irina Vladimirovna BREZHNEVA said: "For a long time I know the "AYALA" charity foundation and it so happened that I received help from it when I was chief physician at children's hospital № 2. And more than once the same pleasant events occurred on my current position. I want to sincerely thank the Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia company and the "AYALA" foundation for the care of our patients. And we provide care for children from all over Kazakhstan".

“The “AYALA + SAMSUNG” project is an evident illustration of the fact that the tradition and culture of philanthropy in our country is developing, and for many have become commonplace. It is hoped that during the global economic crisis the charity will not disappear. And our foundation will make every effort for this”, - said the vice-president of the "AYALA" charity foundation Zhangeldy SARSENOV.

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