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01-11-2018 Samsung presented tablets to Kazakhstan hospitals

Samsung presented 100 professional “medical” tablets to four clinics in Astana, Almaty and...

Samsung presented 100 professional “medical” tablets to four clinics in Astana, Almaty and Turkestan as a part of the Digital Kazakhstan strategy.

Samsung mobile devices are equipped with the integrated medical information system Damumed for the transition of the healthcare sector to new technologies as part of the President’s strategy on digitalization of Kazakhstan. The software was developed by a domestic company - DAMU Information Technology Center.

Portals of the Ministry of Health of the Republic, more than 700 medical organizations, 825,000 users are connected to the system; more than 65 million documents are stored in it.

Samsung tablets are designed for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. With the help of pre-installed software, devices help simplify and speed up many processes, effectively solve emerging problems and get rid of unnecessary paperwork.

For example, a doctor enters patient data into the tablet, as a result, information is stored in the overall system, and other medical organizations may also have access to it. Earlier, to say, the loss of a medical card with a medical history or a prescription on the way to the pharmacy created inconveniences, but soon these documents will simply become unnecessary. To access the information a tablet with special software and the Internet is enough.

Director of Almaty Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology Dinara Mirzakhmetova  said, that since July 1 the clinic has been participating in a pilot project on digitalization of the healthcare sector and is moving from papers to modern information technologies.

“If we take, for example, anesthesiologists, then in the surgery room they will conduct an anesthesia card on tablets, which is much more convenient than on a desktop computer,” she said.

The united information system is convenient for patients. With the help of IIN, they will be able to get the necessary information - for example, to look at their medical history or find out which clinic they are assigned to.

Naturally, there are questions about the safety of confidential data - can they fall into the hands of third parties? Samsung says: tablets have an advanced information security solution KNOX on board, which provides multi-level, which is software and hardware, content protection from intruders. The platform is widely used by government, including defense, agencies abroad, which indicates high system reliability.

Cooperating in the project with the Ministry of Health, DAMU Information Technology Center and AYALA Foundation, Samsung continues to actively support the development of the healthcare sector through its innovative solutions. Previously, the company organized the visit of leading Korean cardiologists to Kazakhstan, who performed complex heart transplantation surgeries here and shared their experience with local specialists. In addition, Samsung has launched interactive “smart” classes in hospitals for children with oncological diseases, so that young patients, who are not able to go to school, could have the opportunity to continue their education, not staying behind their peers.


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