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04-10-2018 South Korean doctors will be able to consult patients from Almaty online

Pusan National University Hospital (PNUH) presented advanced telemedicine equipment to...

Pusan National University Hospital (PNUH) presented advanced telemedicine equipment to Aksay clinic of the National Medical University. This will allow doctors of the two countries to consult and discuss diagnoses online.

President of Pusan National University Hospital Lee Chang Hun arrived in Almaty especially for the opening of the center and the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with Kazakh medical institution. The document from the National Medical University JSC was signed by the rector Talgat Nurgozhin.

Also during the visit of Korean doctors, a professor-orthopedist, head of spine center of Pusan National University Hospital Lee Jungsub and a professor-neurosurgeon of Pusan National University Hospital  Shin Tae-Hee consulted children with various pathologies for free. The young patients were consulted at Aksay clinic of the National Medical University JSC. Orthopedic specialist Lee Jungsub came to Kazakhstan to examine children for the fourth time, this time he is officially presented as the ambassador of AYALA Charity Foundation.

For two days children not only from Almaty, but also from Almaty region were able to get to the consultations of Korean specialists. By tradition, the doctors examined clinical records of the young patients in advance. First of all they consulted children with complex diagnoses.

It should be noted, that for the third year the arrival of PNUH specialists was organized by LCB Partners and AYALA Charity Foundation. Within 2.5 years of cooperation between the Foundation and PNUH about 400 children from Almaty, Aktobe and Almaty region were consulted. By the results of the previous visits, two children from Kazakhstan had surgeries in Busan for free. Currently they are in Almaty for control consultations by Korean professors.

“We really want to continue cooperation with Kazakhstan medicine. For 2.5 years the effective work has been done, now we set new goals to ourselves and plan to move on to longer-term projects. At the moment I see the continuation of our cooperation in three directions. The first, installation and implementation of a telemedicine system are needed. The territory of Kazakhstan is large; each city has a different level of medicine. With the help of telemedicine it would be easy for doctors to share experiences. The second direction is a systematic program for conducting medical projects. We need to form a special team that will be engaged only with our medical projects. We are just now discussing areas that are interesting for Kazakhstan to work in the coming year. And the third direction is the training of medical personnel. Many Kazakhstani doctors come to our hospital for advanced training. I think that in Kazakhstan they also have something to learn from for our Korean doctors. Together we will be able to make a fair contribution to the development of medicine in our countries,” President of Pusan National University Hospital Lee Chang Hun said.

It should be noted, that every year Aksay clinic, which has a social focus, accepts thousands of children from all over Kazakhstan for treatment, to whom other healthcare organizations cannot help.

In her turn, President of AYALA Charity Foundation Aidan Suleimenova said: “Our foundation seeks to help improve the level of Kazakhstan medicine, and the opening of the international base center of the leading hospital in South Korea is another step in this direction. International cooperation proves its high efficiency.”


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