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08-06-2018 Aktobe children were consulted by an orthopedist from South Korea

An orthopedist of Pusan National University Hospital (PNUH) consulted about 100 children with...

An orthopedist of Pusan National University Hospital (PNUH) consulted about 100 children with various pathologies for free. Especially for this a professor-orthopedist  Jung Sub Lee came to Aktobe from The Land of the Morning Calm. Small patients were consulted at the children's department of Aktobe medical center.

The Korean physician came to the city on June 6 and held a two-hour reception. Examinations of small patients continued on June 7 and 8. It should be noted, that the expert asked the records of diseases in advance and first received children with complex diagnoses such as congenital anomaly of development of cervical and upper thoracic spine, S-shaped scoliosis of cervical and upper thoracic spine due to developmental anomaly of C4 and Th3, combined malformation of the right lower limb, equinovarus, hypoplasia and shortening of the right tibia, chest distortion, congenital malformations of the central nervous system of the brain and spinal cord, etc. During the consultations the expert from Busan discussed some diagnoses with his colleagues. So, they could not choose a therapeutic approach for one child. After discussing the disease with other Korean experts, the diagnosis was made and the therapeutic approach was determined.

In addition, the experts of Pusan National University Hospital (PNUH) were introduced with activity of Aktobe medical center.

Today the parties signed a memorandum of cooperation, providing for the exchange of advanced medical technologies and information, joint organization of instructional sessions on the explanation of treatment courses, volunteer activities, exchange in the field of hospital management and joint work for patients' treatment, development and organization of joint programs for the exchange of human resources and other.

Also a memorandum of cooperation was signed between AYALA Charity Foundation and the Health Department of Aktobe region. The document provides for joint work on the exchange of information, assistance in resolving organizational issues with local medical institutions and local state administrative health authorities, improving professionals and surgical treatment of 1-2 patients with severe orthopedic or neurosurgical pathology at Pusan National University Hospital.

It should be noted, that before the flight to Aktobe Dr. Lee conducted a control examination of a girl from Almaty Samal Zhailaubay. To recall, in October of 2017 she was operated for scoliosis.

The arrangers of the visit of the PNUH experts were LCB Partners Company and AYALA Charity Foundation. Earlier in Almaty three similar consultations were held for about 200 children.

In turn, the president of AYALA Charity Foundation Aidan Suleimenova noted: "International cooperation has become the norm for our fund. We work with colleagues from Russia, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine and South Korea. I especially want to distinguish the cooperation with Pusan National University Hospital. The professors of this university have long been friends with Kazakhstan doctors and generously share their experience. "


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