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15-11-2013 The "Yard of my childhood" projects in the NRCS named after Syzganov

We continue to assist the National Research Center of Surgery (NRCS) named after Syzganov. 

We continue to assist the National Research Center of Surgery (NRCS) named after Syzganov. At this time, "Sberbank" JSC was our partner with which we have implemented the next stage of the "Yard of my childhood" project. Recall that in this project we are building modern, beautiful and safe playgrounds in various children's medical and educational institutions. In the NRCS this year the department of pediatric cardiac surgery was opened. Previously, children and adults were in the same department and it created some inconvenience for the first and for the second. The opening of the children's department was a huge step in the continued development of pediatric cardiac surgery in our country. The playground is very important in the post-operative recovery of children, and when it is in a game form, it is useful not only for physical but also for the emotional state of the child.

Deputy Director of the "Sberbank" JSC branch in Almaty Damir Utebekovich Kakiev was pleased to note the fact that exactly Sberbank became the first partner of the “AYALA” charity foundation in the implementation of the “Yard of my childhood” project in the National Research Center of Surgery. Permeated with a sense of usefulness of the "Yard of my childhood", he promised to make every effort to ennoble the playground area as a whole and even to repair a fountain that does not work for many years. The cost of the installed elements of the playground was 202,800 tenge. We would like to thank all the employees of the Sberbank, and wish them good luck, prosperity and health.

Sberbank repeatedly has participated in various projects of the foundation, and we thank the administration for the kind heart and active citizenship.