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04-09-2013 Air will be cleaner in a hospital

Today, in the Republican Children's Clinical "Aksay" Hospital the system of the photocatalytic...

Today, in the Republican Children's Clinical "Aksay" Hospital the system of the photocatalytic purification and disinfection of air in the extracorporeal detoxification department put into operation within the “Clean air to the hospital” project of the “AYALA” foundation.

The project became possible due to the sponsorship of the "BAT Kazakhstan Trading", LLP. Purification system was installed in the dressing room, treatment room, hemodialysis room, in children's wards and other areas where it is necessary to comply with a special regime of clean air. The cost of the project amounted to 2.655 million tenge.

Equipment supplier is the Kazakh-Russian Joint Venture Tenre Airlife, LLP, which produces these systems at its facility in Almaty and is known for its quality and durability of equipment for disinfection of air not only in hospitals but also in all the rooms where sterile air is necessary.

Republican Children's Clinical "Aksay" Hospital is one of the oldest in the Republic of Kazakhstan, render medical and rehabilitative care for children across the country with severe orthopedic and neurological disorders. Each year, about 1,000 children with cerebral palsy pass rehabilitation treatment; more than 1 300 children from 2 months to 15 years old are operated on various congenital and acquired diseases.

The “AYALA” charity foundation for a long time and productively cooperateswith this hospital. With the support of various sponsors the foundation equipped sensory room, physical therapy cabinet, in partnership with The National Bank of Kazakhstan in the resuscitation department ventilators, bedside patient monitors and anesthesia and respiratory devices were transferred.

A special mode of the air condition on bacterial contamination is sometimes a critical factor in invasive forms of treatment, which include extracorporeal detoxification. The equipment, which is now put into operation, will greatly enhance the safety of medical procedures and, therefore, will increase the quality of care to tiny patients, who come to the Republican Children's Clinical "Aksay" Hospital from all over the Kazakhstan.

Director of the Republican Children's Clinical "Aksay" Hospital Irina Vladimirovna Brezhneva, who recently led a medical team appreciated the assistance of the "AYALA" charity foundation, by the way noting that just last week in the hospital modern, bright, meets all the requirements of security, children's play playground was opened.

"Last year, we read an article in the newspaper "Kursiv" about domestic manufacturers of photocatalytic air purification systems – "Tenre Airlife", LLP. From it, we learned that these systems, once developed by one of the Research Institute of the defense industry to the needs of the submarine fleet and laboratories working with toxic substances, break down most of the toxic contaminants contained in the ambient air into harmless components - water and carbon dioxide, and some models of air pollution control equipment does not need constant changing of filters. We were pleasantly surprised that such innovative systems in the civilian version for several years now produced in Kazakhstan and the fact that the "Tenre Airlife" has an extensive experience of cooperation with social institutions. There was an idea to offer the company to implement a small pilot project in one of the social institutions of the city, because the problem of seasonal environmental degradation in the air of the Almaty city agglomeration sometimes quite urgent. Selection of social institutions and work on its equipment were made by “Tenre Airlife” and their partners from the "AYALA" charity foundation. We are very pleased that this idea has successfully come true in a few months", - said Maxim Litvin, general director of the "BAT Kazakhstan Trading". 

“The sterile regime is very important for the medical procedures that involve a violation of the skin; I know it, as someone who has worked in surgery for many years. Hospital infection is a terrible scourge that can negate all the efforts of highly skilled professionals, so the installation of the cleaning and disinfection of indoor air is very important. And I hope that the new equipment will help my colleagues to improve the level of care", - said vice-president of the "AYALA" charity foundation Zhangeldy Sarsenov.

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