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11-07-2013 The Day of press, radio and television in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Today, the "AYALA" charity foundation and the Samsung Electronics Company has...

Today, the "AYALA" charity foundation and the Samsung Electronics Company has transferred 3 the most modern TV's to children's hospitals - City Hospital № 1, "Aksai" republican children's hospital and in the children's department of cardiac surgery of NRSC named after Syzganov. These gifts will help young patients of the hospitals qualitatively and comfortable spend their leisure time. South Korean Samsung Electronics Company is known for being actively involved in charitable projects. Manufacture leader of electronic equipment has repeatedly confirmed its position in the field of consumer electronics, computing and mobile communications. Today, the Samsung Company in partnership with the "AYALA" charity foundation decided to make a contribution to the "Let's do good deeds" project. Recall that this project is aimed at promoting the various holidays. We have already conducted for children of orphanages, boarding schools and other social institutions such world and international holidays as the Children's Day, Day of Theater, Museum Day, Day of spontaneous acts of kindness, Cartoons day, Day of Smile and other holidays. The main goal of this project is to appeal to the fact that good deeds for children, for various reasons, find themselves in a difficult situation, we can do in any day. And it is not necessarily good deeds "bind" to the New Year or to the International Children's Day.

Today's event we timed to the Day of the press, radio and television in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We believe that this event will be another element of the project "Let's do good deeds".

“The Samsung Electronics Company pays great attention to social issues of development in the countries in which it operates, including Kazakhstan. The company has developed and implements a program of CSR in Kazakhstan in such areas as health, education, environmental protection, preservation of culture - noted the President of the Samsung Electronics Kazakhstan and Central Asia, Mr. Syn Sik Choi. - We fully support the idea that we should not wait for the one day in a year, in order to find a reason to congratulate or help others. By implementing this project, we want to support children who are or will be treated in the hospitals of the city, and, despite the specificity of the location, to make their stay a little brighter and more cheerful. We congratulate the people of Kazakhstan with the Day of press, radio and television in Kazakhstan”.

Head doctor at Children's Hospital № 1 Abay Zikiriyaevich Kusainov said: "Our patients often suffer not from disease, but from lack of the usual multimedia environment to which they are accustomed to at home and staying children at hospital burdened upon that fact. Television, which we have received today, will be installed in one of the playrooms where children spend a long time, when they do not need to take medical treatments".

Vice-President of the "AYALA" foundation Zhangeldy Sarsenov said: "It's very pleased that the world's economic leaders such as Chevron, Samsung, ExxonMobil, the leading banks in Kazakhstan and CIS respond to offers of participation in the project "Let's do good deeds" and other socially significant projects of the foundation. I want to believe that this will be an example for all people of Kazakhstan".

The Samsung Company has come to the hospital not only with gifts, but with treats for the children, their parents and hospital doctors. Together with the children, the staff of the company watched cartoons and snack tasty pizza and freshly baked cakes.

Take this opportunity, we want to congratulate the journalists, editors, proofreaders, operators, broadcasters, producers, assistants, couriers, printers, and all those people who work in press, television and radio in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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