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21-12-2012 Another "Room-Doctor" has appeared in our country

Today, another sensory room, which was built by our foundation, has been opened...

Today, another sensory room, which was built by our foundation, has been opened in the Republican Children's Clinical Hospital"Aksai".  This became possible due to the support of the network of restaurants "Mama mia" and "Ciao pizza". The sensory room was built on donations of restaurants’ customers, staff and directly the network of restaurants.

Sensory room is a special space reserved for therapy sessions for patients with various neurological diseases.  This room allows activating various sense organs - tactile, auditory, visual system, balance, logic and motor apparatus. This room is of great help for treatment and rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.

Cost of the whole project with the repairing of the room is 2 455 000 KZT.

This project is the next stage of our cooperation with the "Aksai" hospital, just over a month ago we handed equipment and facilities for the exercise therapy cabinet to this medical institution.  Medical equipment for the reanimation unit - anesthesia machine, artificial lung ventilation machines and patient’s monitors, has been purchased on the amount of 15 100 000 KZT. Equipment transferring is planned in January-February of 2013. Our foundation is planning to build children's playground on the hospital territory.

We urge all good people to support this project, because patients from all over the Republic of Kazakhstan are treated in this hospital.

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