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22-11-2012 Exercise therapy cabinet in the republican children’s hospital “Aksay”

Our foundation has transferred a large number of special sports and exercise equipment...

Our foundation has transferred a large number of special sports and exercise equipment for physical therapy to the exercise therapy cabinetof republican children's hospital "Aksay" today. The representatives of “MAC Company” LLP have visited the ceremony; this project has become possible due to their sponsorship.  A demonstration of exercise therapy lesson for guests have been performed by children with disorders of posture, in which the transferred items for practice have been used – barbells of various sizes and colors, available for different age groups, from small children to teenagers. We have beeb pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and professionalism of exercise therapy cabinet’s physician Lyudmila Vasilyevna Drobysheva. During the lesson, she has found time to help each child to properly perform an exercise for posture correction. Physicians and nurses of exercise therapy cabinet have thanked the guests and assures that the equipment will significantly improve the training.

Ernest Kaliev, a Hospital Director, has held an excursion around the hospital and its territory, and said that potential sponsors have enough space to develop.  The hospital has at its disposal a territory available for building not one, but several sports and play areas for more complete rehabilitation of the children treated at the hospital.

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