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16-12-2011 Honor certificate

On the 20thanniversary of independence of Kazakhstan a president of the charity foundation...

On the 20thanniversary of independence of Kazakhstan a president of the charity foundation "AYALA" Aidan Suleimenova was awarded one more certificate. This time the city administration of Bostandyk district of Almaty gave our foundation a diploma for the assistance for children's medical and educational institutions located in this area of the city. Over the years the Foundation "AYALA" has been helping these institutions and has spent considerable sums of money. The great assistance has been given to intensive care unit of Children's Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Almaty since 2007. Vital medical equipment has been purchased for the intensive care unit and major repairs have been conducted.

From its establishment, the foundation actively helps to children's educational institutions. Under the patronage of the foundation are the following educational institutions which located in Bostandyk area: orphanages № 1 and № 2, the special (remedial) boarding schools №7 and №4 and the Association of disabled children educated at home in your area. The Day of Smile, Universal Children's Day are regularly celebrated for these children. In the boarding schools №4 and №7 we built playgrounds. Kitchen, bath and shower complex was renovated in the orphanage № 1. Both orphanages located in the Bostandyk area received a gift from the charity foundation "AYALA”: a various household and office equipment. In 2010, on the basis of charity fair dedicated to the national holiday of Nauryz the winners - three students of orphanage and boarding school № 7 together with the accompanying people were rewarded a two-day trip to the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana.

Besides helping to the children, war veterans of Bostandyk area were has been provided assistance amounting 484 970 KZT dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War. Most veterans have received various gifts, some of them have received financial aid.

The charity foundation "AYALA" warmly thanks Zauresh Dzhumanalievnu Amanzholova, a Mayor of Bostandyk district, for meeting our endeavors. Some of our projects would not have received such wide development without her support. With efforts of Zauresh Dzhumanalievna the project "Breathe, baby," was successfully completed in Almaty, and from 2011, this project became a republican.