Let us together do
good deeds!


Project «Each can take part in charity»

The charity foundation “AYALA” has been existing since March, 2007. We provide help to medical and educational institutions around the whole republic. The projects “Breathe, baby”, “The yard of my childhood”, “Breathe life” have a republican status and are realized in the strong cooperation with the ministries of healthcare and education. During all these years of working 2,3 billion tenge was collected and spent on various projects.

One of the peculiarities of foundation’s work is that the financial means received from sponsors, money from fund-raising boxes are spent only on projects. Administrative expenditures of the foundation are covered at the cost of founders.

Several years ago, thanks to the employees of JSC “Development center of trade practice”, we opened for ourselves a new type of collecting money for charity projects. The employees of this company wrote an application to account department with a request to hold 1000 tenge back from salary every month and transfer this sum to the charity foundation “AYALA”. Many people need to make good deeds but very often these people do not know how to do it. There is no time to search for charity foundations in the world web, to transfer donations by Internet banking or to seek for fund-raising boxes of charity organizations.

Such form of participation in the charity activities has become a consecutive proof of one of our slogans – “Each can take part in charity”. This fund-raising method is an alternative for organizations where the budget does not stipulate the expense line for charity.  

We want to ask you to consider the possibility of providing help in the realization of socially-significant projects of our foundation in this form. All details of “AYALA” foundation’s work can be found at our website or by telephone +7 (727) 356 17 38, 327 60 43, +7 702 808 33 23.

From our side we guarantee you the full transparency of our financial operations. Besides, you can choose a project you want to transfer your donations to by yourself. For a working person 1000 tenge per month will not make any financial sense, but thousands of tenge accumulated for project’s realization can rescue child’s life or make it a little happier for the pupils of our children’s social institutions.