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Project «Let’s help to hear the world»

The university clinic “Aksai” is the first organization in the Republic of Kazakhstan that has launched a free program of the Ministry of healthcare and social development for children with serious hearing disorders on provision of expensive surgeries on hearing restoration - cochlear implantations.    

From 2007 to 2015 in the Republic of Kazakhstan 1073 children got operated free, from them 851 children (79%) got operated in the clinic “Aksai”. These children annually visit surdologist doctors and surdologist teachers of the clinic for realization of post-surgery maintenance and monitoring: adjustment of speech processors, consultations on independent work of parents with their children. 

At present time for the clinic’s surdologist teachers it is necessary to have equipment to conduct complex psychological-pedagogical evaluation of hearing disorders in children:  



Unit price

Sum, KZT


logopedic training device  «Delfa-142.1», version 2.1 with personal computer


705 000




1 410 000


set for screening the psychophysical development of the early-aged children

35 000


70 000


set №1 for psychological pedagogical examination of children who are suspected to have decrease of hearing ability

90 000


180 000


1 660 000

* equipment’s price may change in dependence of the currency rate exchange and validity terms of suppliers’ commercial offers