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Project «Cheery morning»

The Republican children’s clinical sanatorium “Alatau” is a multifaceted somatic sanatorium. Its main field of concern is oriented towards provision of recreational and recoveries help to children. The organization annually accepts up to 1600 children from all regions of country aged from 3 to 14 years with various pathologies: diseases of the respiratory system, genitourinary diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, cardio-rheumatologic diseases and hematic oncology.   

It is necessary to obtain a circular shower in order to improve the treatment of little patients. It has a good effect not only on skin cover but also on deep tissues: vessels, muscles, subcutaneous fat, internal organs.  In this case water sprays causing tingling sensation to skin act as stimulants. It has a positive influence on the whole organism and it enables complex impact and achievement of high treatment results. 

Such sort of shower is able not only to raise the immunity and skin tonicity bit it also provides the sanatorium’s little patients with excellent mood and cheerful spirit for a whole day. Moreover, the circular shower improves the cells’ ability to accept useful agents, stimulates all organism processes, relieves spasms, etc.  



Unit price

Sum, KZT


circular shower «Modern»


550 000

1 650 000


thermostatic mixer


610 200

610 200


faucet valve


54 900

164 700


2 315 100

* equipment’s price may change in dependence of the currency rate exchange and validity terms of suppliers’ commercial offers