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Project «Chance for life»

The national scientific center of surgery (NSCS) named after A.N. Syzganov in Almaty city within the frameworks of advancing the provision of surgery help to children is constantly introducing innovative technologies. At present time the transplantation of liver and kidneys in adults can be executed in this center.   

Liver transplantation is the only radical method of treating patients with terminal stage of liver disease, justified from medical, social and economic points of view. In the Republic of Kazakhstan the patients with chronic liver diseases, including its terminal stages, represent a significant problem and, as a consequence, they are under the spotlight of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the Republic. Despite the high general medical level and availability of several leading centers the liver transplantation has been applied comparatively a short time ago in Kazakhstan. The development program of liver transplantation has started in December, 2011, when the first liver transplantation from a live donor was executed jointly with the colleagues from the Republic of Belarus at NSCS named after A.N. Syzganov.    

Kidney transplantation is the most effective and radical method of substitutive renal therapy, it allows to increase significantly the life time of patients with terminal stage of chronic kidney failure and to improve its quality. After successful kidney transplantation the majority of patients feel themselves better than during dialysis treatment, they lead an active lifestyle and consider their life fully-featured. 

Thanks to the introduction of modern schemes of immune suppressive therapy into clinical practice and advancement of surgery technique, the transplant’s survival during the first year after transplantation amounts to approximately 90%, and survival rate of patients is equal to more than 97%.

Now the center is planning to introduce the transplantation of liver and kidneys to children. The development of hi-tech surgeries in our country will allow raising the national medicine to a new level and rescue health and lives of many patients.

For realization of this project at NSCS it is necessary to obtain the following medical equipment:



Price, KZT

Sum, KZT

Sum, USD


infusion pump


700 000

1 400 000

4 560


syringe dispenser


650 000

1 300 000

4 235


binocular microscope


630 000

2 520 000

8 208




190 000

190 000



esophageal dilator set


5 500 000

5 500 000

17 915


10 910 000

35 537

* equipment’s price may change in dependence of the currency rate exchange and validity terms of suppliers’ commercial offers