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Hall of fame

This section will be devoted to introduction with kind and generous people who help our foundation. Somebody constantly contributes significant financial sums, somebody works as a volunteer, others provided small help, but all these people are united by their generous heart.

  • Volunteering is a heart calling Volunteering is a heart calling

    Work of charity foundations is not only a search for sponsors and a purchase of a necessary facility or equipment. It is also cooperation with volunteers who are willing to help our wards for free or for a nominal fee. AYALA Foundation in cooperation with several volunteers has projects on studying foreign languages, conducting various master classes, etc. Today we want to introduce you to Maksat Kenzhetai, who teaches English to children of orphanages in Almaty.


On questions of our foundation responding chairman of the board of “Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan” JSC Umit Bolathanovna Shayakhmetova.


Today we offer to your attention an interview with the traveler, businesswoman, athlete and just an interesting and beautiful woman Kate Mallinson.

Today our reporter has taken an interview with a director of “ESP-Center” LLP – Sergey Valeyev. Sergey Valentinovich has been dealing with the entrepreneurial business for approximately ten years. For seven years he has been combining his work and charity.

"Albana" Co. Ltd almost an year regularly transfers gratuitously to charity fund "АYALA" a considerable quantity of the freshest fragrant and useful bananas.

Recently, the "ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Inc." company became the general sponsor of two major projects, of "AYALA" charity fund.

The team of cardio-surgeons from Italy has come already the third time to National Scientific Surgery Centre (NSSC) named after Syzganov.

Today a correspondent of our newspaper talks to Ms Batyrova Flyura Mukhtarovna - president of the Club of friends for "Ayala" Charity foundation.

In recent years situation with the charity in Kazakhstan started to improve. National companies, large, medium and small businesses, and ordinary citizens began to actively engage in charity.

In Kazakhstan, were Olympic champions and world champions, but there was never anyone, who won the Olympic Games and the World Boxing Championship, but Serik Sapiev did it.

Today our reporter has had an interview with a musician Nurlan Alban and his producer Zhan Mukanov. For more than 15 years Nurlan Alban has been famous for acting as a TV presenter of different events, shows, programs and concerts.

Charity and sponsorship is a part of corporate culture of Sberbank and one of the traditional areas of the Bank's participation in society life.

The “Chevron” company has been working in Kazakhstan for 20 years. This company is known for the fact that in every country in which it is presented, it implementing a number of social initiatives and projects.

In the cable TV network Icon, in the ads blocks the videos of charity fund "AYALA" were broadcasted for 2 years.

In September in Astana and in Almaty hosted two races organized by British-Kazakh Society.  

We continue to communicate with those who love helping others. One of such people is a deputy director general of “Alageum Group” LLP, Nurzhan Adasbaiyevich Stvayev.