Let us together do
good deeds!


Association of charity organizations (ACO)

In January, 2008 at the initiative of charity foundations “AYALA” and “DARA” an informal network of Association of charity organizations (ACO) was created and the foundations that work in the sphere “children, youth, family” became her first members.

For the whole time of Association’s working several joint projects were implemented, including:

• introduction of amendments into the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On marriage and family” in the part concerning the child’s adoption;

• the realization of project “I also want to live” aimed at the development of children’s cardio surgery in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the result of which the children who weigh less than 10 kg with congenital heart disease are now operated regularly in our country;

• since 2008 a fest “Day of smile” for pupils of orphanages in Almaty city which is organized by the charity foundations “AYALA” and “DARA” has become a tradition.