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SMS-donations to short number 9962


“AYALA” foundation announced about the launch of the short number 9962 for collection of SMS-donations, which will help doctors rescue children’s lives. A service is available for Beeline, Kcell, Activ, Tele2 mobile users. Every willing person can send SMS containing any symbol or text to the short number. Cost of this message for Beeline and Tele2 mobile users will be 300 tenge, for Kcell and Activ mobile users – 200 tenge. All money will be transferred for help to the intensive care units of children’s hospitals in Kazakhstan, buying of vitally-required equipment – apparatus of artificial lung ventilation and CPAP, syringe and infusion dosimeters, tables for intensive care units, etc.

The launch of the short number was implemented within the frameworks of the project “Breathe life” of the charity foundation “AYALA”. The project was started in 2007, when the foundation helped with the provision of medical equipment to the intensive care units of children’s city infection hospital in Almaty. Apparatus of artificial lung ventilation, semi-automatic laboratory, phototherapy machine, humidicrib for infant children and other medical equipment were supplied to this department. With the help of the equipment provided by “AYALA” foundation to the children’s city infection hospital in Almaty the medical staff succeeded in decreasing the children’s death rate in 4 times. In 2011 it was decided to expand the limits of the project “Breathe life” out of the bounds of the South capital.

At present time the foundation continues to receive a large number of letters from children’s hospitals and intensive care units of maternity hospitals with a request for help.

SMS-donations will give one more chance for small patients to live.