Let us together do
good deeds!


President of the Foundation

In the past, physician, and now a successful businesswoman. She graduated from the Second Moscow Medical Institute named Pirogov. Several years working in the specialty, 10 years ago, organized and headed a charity foundation "AYALA". Caring wife and mother. One of the principles Aidan was the phrase of the famous actress Audrey Hepburn, "The duty of every person - to help children who are suffering. Everything else is just a whim and self-indulgence."

Vice President of Legal Affairs

I was never indifferent to the work of the fund; I have been actively attracting new friends, sponsors and partners to the «AYALA» foundation. I participated as a volunteer in the holidays for children arranged by the foundation. This vigorous work allowed her to eventually become the Vice President of Legal Affairs. Diana is an energetic sportswoman and a loving mother. She always has a lot of ingenious ideas for the foundation activities.

Vice President of Finance

He works in the fund as a volunteer. It has higher education in finance. It is doing everything to ensure that financial flows passing through the fund were crystal clear. Seeing the efficiency of the fund Zhanat is actively involved in children's festivals held by us and benefit from this strong positive charge.

Vice President of Public Relations

Two higher education - health and public relations. The fund is working 10 years, continuing to practice medicine. Theorist charity. He wrote some of the terms of charity, such as the "wisdom of the heart", "effective charity", "Temperature evaluation of charity" and other philanthropists have become commonly used.

Executive manager of medical projects

Children anesthesiologist by profession. Working in hospitals convinced that good medical equipment is not enough. Working in the fund, is trying to fulfill his dream that the children are less sick. Often, Berik has the latest information about the equipment of children's hospitals and pediatric departments of maternity hospitals the necessary medical equipment.

The Ambassador of the Fund

Professor Jung Sub Lee, M.D., Ph.D. is the head of the Spine center and the head of the Orthopedic department of Pusan National University Hospital, South Korea. In October 2018 Professor Lee was awarded with the title of the Ambassador of AYALA Charity Foundation. The awarding of the title was appreciation of the merits of Professor Lee in the development of Kazakhstani medicine. The doctor from South Korea conducted numerous free consultations for Kazakhstani children with congenital and acquired orthopedic pathologies. Professor Lee plans to continue his educational and practical activity in Kazakhstan.

Project Coordinator

She graduated from the Kazakh State University named. Al-Farabi, speaks Japanese. Their duties are cherished and meticulously. As the clock builds relationships with our partners - both from sponsors and beneficiaries. Dreaming of that in our country all the conditions for high-quality and professional treatment as adults, and especially children.

Web Developer

She lives in the United States. Engaged in the development of design and technical support operation of our website, which is an effective tool in raising fund culture of philanthropy. A true professional. Even having left the country, she is actively working for the benefit of Kazakh children.

Curator of social projects

Higher education. The fund operates in the specialty, acquired in college and during the post-graduate education. Always maintain correct relations with clients, sponsors and contractors of our projects. It seeks to carry out their duties with maximum efficiency. I dream that all children have an equal chance in life.

Curator of the national projects

Higher education, sociable character. It is easy to find a common language with teachers and children of our children health centers, children's homes, boarding schools, orphanages and other children's institutions. Working in the fund, thoroughly learned to understand the advantages and disadvantages of sports equipment, household appliances for the home offices and social orientation, plumbing equipment, binding, sewing and hairdressing workshops. Her dream is to become Santa Claus.

Curator of international projects

Already 8 years active volunteer of our Foundation. During this time, finished university, she speaks Greek. She noticed that volunteering helps her personal progression. Helping children and see them smile - a great joy. Her dream is that the more people devoted themselves to the service of children.


Higher education. In her work carefully and pedantic. Sociable, with great pleasure to participate in the activities of the Fund as a volunteer. Working in the fund, she became a strong supporter of effective charity and learned a lot about the situation in children's health and education.

Advisor to the president

A representative of the fund in Astana. A journalist-translator by profession (Persian language). She completed advanced training courses in international journalism at the University of Tehran (Iran) and television journalism at the Internews-Kazakhstan International organization. A participant of the USAID experience exchange program in Analytical journalism. With years of television journalism (31 kanal, Informburo), that led to PR (Kaspi Bank). A member of the "PR-shy Astana" club. A TEDxAstana volunteer, a coach for working with a speaker.


Before being enrolled in the specialty of international law at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University she studied at Daryn Republican School, where she participated in campaigns to help children from large and low-income families. While working as a lawyer, she learnt about activities of the Private Foundation ‘AYALA Private Charity Foundation’ as a volunteer. She considers her professional duty to provide necessary legal assistance in the activities of the Private Foundation.

Media Director

She has got higher education in Journalism. For 13 years she has worked in mass media - television, a newspaper, an online news agency - and she decided to work as a PR specialist. Hobbies are photography and Japanese language. Also she is a dedicated football fan of Munich's Bavaria.

Assistant Web Developer projects

Higher education. Penetrating the Fund and volunteered to help Margaret in her work. Constantly offering new tools to fulfill our goal - to bring the tradition of good works. Zhenya always friendly, open and purposeful.